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Choose the service and terms you need. Place an order. Once your payment is processed, you’ll be contacted with a request for the needed information by email. Your order will commence once the payment AND the information for the order are received.

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Content Writing Office cares about payment security and DOESN’T process payments on its Website. All client payments are handled by PayPal: you DON’T need to have a PayPal account to make payment. Your Online security is ensured by the most secure payment processor Online.

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The delivery of a digital file by email within the time you specified during checkout. One revision opportunity is included with every order.

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Some of our services require specific information (like the item’s topic or your keywords of choice, for example) before work on them can commence. If the service you’re ordering has such requirements, email the required info to after placing your order.


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Content Writing Office doesn’t work on-spec: all orders have to be paid for in advance.


If we discussed your custom content writing needs and reached an agreement on the project, terms, cost and delivery time, make a deposit on the project HERE. No work will commence until a 50% deposit has been received.


ALL materials written for you are plagiarism-free. The copyright ALWAYS belongs to the client: don’t hesitate to publish the material you ordered with your byline.

Content Writing Office specializes in on-going assignments. (We have many clients for whom we’re writing, regularly. The topics, types of content and frequency of delivery vary, but we have on-going working relationships and a work schedule.)
Becoming on-going assignment client has its benefits: you’ll have consistently high quality content delivered at your schedule. We can suggest pictures to use along with written content. Last but not least: on-going assignment’s rates come with a 10% discount. Try our service once and consider becoming on-going assignment client!