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Have an experienced P.R. writer write your executive biography. Content Writing Office’s executive bio writing service will reflect your professional authority AND increase your market value.


Executive Bio WritingExecutive bio writing is somewhat akin to resume writing. Facts are facts and have to be respected. How you present them however changes the image of the person you’re describing. What makes some bios outstanding isn’t the “what” but “how”.

An experienced P.R. writer knows what to emphasize and what to marginalize – or set in a proper context – for best effect. That’s the kind of executive bio writing service the Content Writing Office provides!

Since an executive bio is about you, you are personally involved, your feelings are involved, you are biased. While writing your own executive biography, you are unlikely to think that your bio is also a marketing asset. The executive bio writer on our staff does. He’ll be presented with the facts of your bio and your bio’s intended use. Based on this information, he’ll craft an executive bio that will contain all the vital elements of an effective executive biography.

Sure, you could write your own executive biography. But Content Writing Office’s executive bio writing service will reflect your professional authority, increase your market value, make you likeable and your work desirable….

Don’t mistake the opportunity to share your executive bio with a story request. It isn’t. Every opportunity to share your bio is an opportunity to enhance your professional authority and desirability on the market. We’ll help you use it to your advantage: ORDER NOW!

Executive Bio Writing Service

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Content Writing Office specializes in on-going assignments. (We have clients for whom we’re writing executive bios, regularly.) Becoming on-going assignment client has its benefits: you’ll have consistently high quality content delivered at your schedule. We can provide you with pictures to use along with written content. Last but not least: on-going assignment’s rates come with a 10% discount. Try our service once and consider becoming on-going assignment client!