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E-Book Writing Service And E-Book Editing Service


An e-book is an effective branding tool and marketing tool. Content Writing Office can turn your ideas into an e-book or perfect your existing e-book.


Ebook Content Writing And Ebook EditingContent Writing Office helps clients with e-book writing service and e-book editing service.

Our e-book writing service will make your e-book idea a reality: it includes research and table of contents. Content Writing Office will write an e-book for you on any topic. The e-book will be plagiarism-free and the copyright yours. (One-time opportunity to make revisions is included.)

Here at the Content Writing Office we know: e-books are created for many purposes. But perhaps the main reason for e-book content writing is to use an e-book as a marketing tool.

No brand should be without e-books! The goal of branding is to go viral, to become a household name. An e-book is a great branding tool!

An e-book can be sold or given as an incentive. E-book uses and strategies are endless! Don’t miss the opportunities an e-book’s authorship provides!

Count on quality work at competitive rates delivered on time, every time: ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE!

E-Book Writing Service

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E-Book Editing Service

Even brilliant thoughts don’t always translate into writing that reflects them well. That’s why successful authors & speakers have editors. After editing, the author’s thought and intent remain unchanged but the writing that expresses them is cleaned up, polished and organized: proofreading, editing the e-book’s structure and wording as well as partial rewriting for best results is included. Content Writing Office’s e-book editing service will return to you perfected version of your e-book!

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What happens after you place your order? You’ll be asked for a project-specific information.

Need more? Research and references are available as add ons.

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Didn’t find what you’re looking for? No problem! Describe your planned e-book’s content, specify your timeline and request a quote! Content Writing Office will get back to you in 24 hours or less. Let’s get started on your e-book!



Content Writing Office specializes in on-going assignments. (We have many clients for whom we’re writing and editing e-books, frequently.) Becoming on-going assignment client has its benefits: you’ll have consistently high quality content delivered at your schedule. We can provide you with pictures to use along with written content. Last but not least: on-going assignment’s rates come with a 10% discount. Try our service once and consider becoming on-going assignment client!