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The About page is an opportunity to show off your authority, likeability and brand. Content Writing Office will make your About page a business asset.


About Page WritingThe About Page – not unlike the executive biography – isn’t just content; it’s P.R. writing. Professional About Page writing doesn’t change facts but their appeal to the reader.

Content Writing Office not only provides About page writing service, but will make your About page a business asset.

Contrary to popular belief, the About Page shouldn’t just tell yours or your business’ story, but present you / your business as a problem solver. Think about it, do you care about MY story OR whether or not I can solve your problem? The latter, right? While telling you how I can solve your problem and why I’m better than the rest, I may throw in a few interesting tidbits about me, my qualifications, business history, etc. You’ll read it. Not because you care about me, not because you’re curious, but because you hope I can solve your problem.

The About Page is also an opportunity to develop likeability which is a huge part of Online success, today. The About Page plays an important role in developing the likeability factor and emphasizing your brand.

The About page is an opportunity to show off your desirability, authority, likeability and brand. Don’t compromise the quality of your About page writing, entrust it to Content Writing Office’ experts. Order now!

About Page Writing Service

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